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Over ons, Serry Jachtwerf & Jachtmakelaardij

About us

Serry Shipyard & Yacht Brokerage: The History of a Concept since 1944.

Some companies are indispensable in Dutch Nautical business. Serry Shipyard is such a company. The company has existed and flourished since 1944. At the base of Serry’s prosperity lies the combination of a great location and passion for boats, which have has led to continuity and growth!

As early as 1944, still during the German occupation, the Hilversum brothers Serry started a sailing school at the Oud-Loosdrechtsedijk.

Tradition and innovation at the service of your dreams!

Liberation brings new opportunities. The Serry family start building sailing and motor yachts in steel well into the 60’s. The family profits from the rapid modernizations in yacht building by being one of the first companies to import French GRP sailing yachts such as Super Daimio, Mikado and Karate. Models now almost forgotten but at that time modern products of the French yacht industry on the Garonne (Construction Nautique Sud Quest). As in their opinion not moving forwards is not an option the family bring new yachts to the market: Aloa’s from Cannes (La Bocca) in France and the Balatons from Hungary.

In 1976 the Serry family sells their company to the Warnars family, in honour of their predecessors they keep the company name: Serry Shipyard & Yacht brokerage!

With the world market on the rise, the Warnars family makes a brilliant move in 1980: Serry Shipyard becomes the sole importer of the Beneteau sailing and motor yachts in the Netherlands. Two years later, Beneteau remains as the main brand sold at the Loosdrecht premises. Beneteau is a partner of pure class and quality that no other brand can match and the focus on this brand turns out to be a good decision. Serry grows into more than just an importer of the Beneteau brand!

De Familie Warnars
De Familie Warnars
Serry Jachtwerf is inmiddels al bijna 40 jaar importeur
ongrijpbare overgang van zaak naar passie en hobby
Serry literally masters all facets of a modern nautical company with the DNA of the Beneteau brand. The success of our company is always somewhat mysterious. Why was the small yard in Loosdrecht predestined for this spectacular growth? Loosdrecht’s small scale and Serry’s knowledge and conviviality still seem to contradict Serry’s large market share. At Serry you will experience the easy going atmosphere where the conversation is about the passion of boats and sailing. Serry is centrally located in the Netherlands, which also explains something of the large influx and high sales figures. Beneteau is an absolute top product and last but not least Serry is a thriving yacht brokerage and also carries out valuations! Serry’s service is always optimal. But this is not all. The Warnars family put it this way: “We still don’t know where the work ends and the passion for boats begins, before we realize it we are sailing again ourselves”. In that elusive transition from business to passion and hobby lies the key to Serry’s appeal to the customer.Serry Shipyard has been an importer of the Beneteau brand in the Netherlands for almost 40 years and is one of the oldest importers of the Beneteau brand in the world!